THE SAVIOR OF THE NEW CITY” is a beautiful and inspiring depiction of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, from His birth to the beginning of His ministry, from His Passion and death to His glorious resurrection.  The story of our Lord is one of compassion and mercy.  A story of the greatest love ever know to man.  With “The Savior of the New City”, we journey with Jesus as He brings His message of love and salvation to the world through His teaching and His healing of the wounded and sick.  We meet those who lived and walked with Him during His ministry, as well as during His time of suffering.

“The Savior of the New City” brings us all back 2,000 years ago to Jerusalem, where the ultimate sacrifice of our Lord would eventually take place.  The Lenten season is a time for all Christians to renew their faith in God by reflecting on the Passion and death of our Lord, and resurrecting our own spiritual lives just as He resurrected Himself from the cross.  “The Savior of the New City” is a story that is as poignant and relevant today as ever as it continues to transform the lives of the people who open their hearts to the love and life of Jesus Christ.