A Gift For Lent

Over the years, “The Savior of the New City” has received acclaim and recognition for its productions in Los Angeles, San Francisco, as well as in Manila, Philippines. Each year, its message echoes throughout the community, and is hailed as a moving experience of Christ’s love, forgiveness, and healing.

Thousands of residents from different charitable institutions, religious orders, groups of underprivileged brothers and sisters, Catholic school students and homeless institutions have been afforded this wonderful opportunity, which is made possible by the GIFT FOR LENT program, a unique partnership among the different sectors of our community, where benefactors and friends like you may sponsor a group from one of our many recipient institutions to witness “The Savior of the New City”. It is an opportunity for us to truly manifest our spirit of oneness and brotherhood.  This is the reason we come to you to share this opportunity to reach out for others.  Your donation will surely make a difference in their hearts.

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • CHARITY $1500
    • Listing/Insert in Official Souvenir Program
    • 4 Complimentary tickets
  • LOVE  $1000
    • Listing/Insert in Official Souvenir Program
    • 3 Complimentary tickets
  • FAITH $500
    • Listing/Insert in Official Souvenir Program
    • 2 Complimentary tickets
  • HOPE $300
    • Listing/Insert in Official Souvenir Program
    • 1 Complimentary ticket
  • Other
    • Any other donation welcome

For more information, please contact one of the following:

Doris Lacson – (951) 707-7422
Susan Tuano – (909) 936-1991
Larry Ongpin – (760) 887-1058
Rene Singson – (951) 840-0707
Jemma Enriquez – (909) 240-9619

Donations can be made online at donate.bnp.org. Thank you for your support.